KARTHESIA permits the precise, creative modeling of a structure by means much closer to mother nature’s.
To sum up KARTHESIA’S potentiality:
– Diverse materials can be contemporaneously used in the section;
– The configuration and disposition of the section is made more consonant with the requirements of the project;
– Better and increased performance;
– The composition of structural elements is executed by the sliding together and interlocking of components;
– This same method is applied to the construction of the entire complex;
– In this way, the structure literally “builds it self”;
– There is significant reduction of accessory provisional work;
– Structures are produced on site, ready for mounting;
– There are reduced maneuvering/transportation burdens;
– Increased construction speed;
– Construction precision;
– Still more precision in the execution of complex projects;
– Hypothesizing the future rebuilding and/or the partial/total dimission of a structure, it will prove flexible to dismount, and need not be demolished;

– The residual products will be almost totally recyclable and reusable;
– Reduced social inconvenience normally be caused by building activity;
– Increased safety for people;
– Increased attention to and respect for the environment.



In addition to civil/infrastructure construction, KARTHESIA is a well able to answer other market demands:
For example:
– mechanical construction;
– aeronautical construction;
– naval construction;
– logistics;
– the production and supplying of tools;
– furnishings;
– hobbies and games.
To this list, myriad other merchandise sectors which could derive profit by using “sistema KARTHESIA” may be added.


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